Ember Laura-Ellen Waving

Ember Laura-Ellen Waving
Waving to mommy and daddy at 13 weeks

Friday, November 11, 2011

Angel Ornament Swaps

         Last year, Ember's first Christmas, I heard about an ornament swap for angel moms, but not in time to join in. And apparently I missed the Mother's Day one too. Which is sad because my first Mother's day without Ember was horrible, and ignored. But a friend on Facebook shared the page for this year's swap and with a week left to sign up too!


I REALLY encourage all angel moms, dads, grandparents and more to go check it out. It's handmade ornaments made with love for your angel by another angel mom (or dad, etc). It's international, so no matter where you are you can join. But you must sign up by Nov. 18th.

Well, it inspired me to organize similar swaps in two private angel mommy groups as well. After the loss of a child, moms often feel more alone than they ever imaged they could. It goes on forever it seems, we're cut apart from "normal" society. Community and other "baby loss mamas" become so important. In the sixteen months since Em died, angel mom friends (almost exclusively met on Facebook) have been my lifeline. They understand how I want to include Em in everything, because they want the same things.

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