Ember Laura-Ellen Waving

Ember Laura-Ellen Waving
Waving to mommy and daddy at 13 weeks

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Very First Easter

Dear Easter Bunny, 
   I just had to write this morning to ask if you can stop by to visit my sweet girl. She's still just a baby and this is her very first Easter. She never got to meet you on Earth, never got to dye eggs with Mommy or hunt them in the yard with Daddy. Never woke up to a goodie  filled basket from you or take pictures with little bunnies. So will you bring her a basket filled with my all love and kisses and whisper to her how much Mommy misses her? 

Ember's first Easter. She'd be nine and a half months old now. Time is just flying by on the calender, but always dragging by the minute. She'd be crawling by now, maybe already taken her first steps. Last Easter I was carrying her, and dreaming of this year when we'd be playing and telling her all about the Easter bunny. Of the her second Easter when she'd be toddling around hunting eggs and squealing when she found them. Of all the springs of her childhood, watching her grow and play. 

How much I miss her every day. Every day, every special moment is one missed with her. All those dreams that spanned the rest of my life, intertwined with hers broken but not forgotten. I can almost see her with bunny ears on her head, crawling around and watching as I dyed the very first pink eggs for her. Getting a fancy white dress and stocking dirty as she plays after taking pictures with Nana.

I saw a pink pillowpet bunny and oh, I ache for it. I ache to feel how soft it is as I place in a big basket and surround it with toys and little loveys. I ache to see her grin as she found it first thing in the morning. I ache to spoil her and give her kisses whenever I could catch her in between all the busy moments of little babies too swiftly becoming little toddlers, getting into everything. To watch all her firsts and only shed tears because of how fast my baby is growing up. 

Happy First Easter Ember, Mommy misses you so much