Ember Laura-Ellen Waving

Ember Laura-Ellen Waving
Waving to mommy and daddy at 13 weeks

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Ember

Happy Valentine's Day Baby Girl

One year ago today, Daddy and I got married in the Botanical Gardens in south Florida. It was breezy and cool, so beautiful. We walked through the gardens for hours holding hands, so happy. You where almost 17 weeks along, already wiggling around and kicking.

This year, you should be seven months and one week old. You would have been dressed in pink and red and been spoiled rotten with stuffed animals. So many pictures I'd have taken. I'd still like flowers, and I bet there would have been some for us both. Pink for Baby Girl and red for Mommy. Instead, when the sun goes down,  I'll be lighting the pink and red candle Daddy brought. He's missing his little girl too, don't ever doubt that.

Last night, even though we don't really celebrate "special days" since you've been gone, Daddy came home with a giant plush red doxie puppy. Mommy loves doxies alot after all, but that's not all of why I just love this stuffed pup. It's big enough I can picture you sitting on it and laughing. Whenever I look at it, I can almost see you, seven months old with tiny dark curls and fat cheeks.

Missing you today
Missing you for always

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